Onion as Cold Remedy

Photo by: Jslavy

Autumn is finally here and winter is coming soon. And it means colds and flu are just around the corner. But why not try onions? It can prevent you from getting colds and flu. Yes, you hear me right! Onions.

Is it true or a myth? I heard that onions can relieve/prevent colds or flu. How?

Peel and cut your onion into quarters. Put it on a plate and leave it at your bedside. Replace with fresh onions daily. And that’s it! Isn’t it so simple?

How does onion work as cold remedy? Onions absorb bacterias and viruses that may be floating around in the air.

*I can make no assumptions in this method. But why not give it a try. I would definitely try this. And I will update you if this really works.

Photo by: © Elisheva Monasevich | Dreamstime.com

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